Rochester Cruising Club

Scrubbing Berth By-Laws (14)


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All bookings for use of the scrubbing berth to be made through the Scrubbing Berth Officer or his sub committee and signed for. Dates will be allocated as requested, or by agreement if requested dates are already booked. The Scrubbing Berth Officer reserves the right to change booked dates in what he decides are exceptional circumstances, such as essential maintenance required to the berth.


Only Club Members to be granted access to the berth. Emergency use by visitors only at the Scrubbing Berth Officer’s discretion.

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No vessels in excess of 20 tons will be permitted to use the berth.


No vessels in excess of 46 feet waterline length will be permitted to use the berth.


No vessel is to be left unattended whilst grounding on the berth.


The Club does not except any responsibility for loss or damage however caused whilst using the berth.


All vessels should be fully insured to cover damage to the berth and themselves.


The removal of old antifouling by scraping or sand blasting is prohibited whilst in the berth.


All rubbish to be removed from the berth and put in the skip in the car park.


No paint brushes or rollers to be cleaned out on the berth or on the pontoons. Environmental considerations to be adhered to. The structure will remain black, and not have antifoul paints brushed out on it.

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No children under the age of 12 will be permitted on the berth


Children between the ages of 12 and 16 will be strictly supervised.


No person under the age of 18 will be permitted to use the power washer.


Any person wishing to use the berth will have to be safety inducted.


The tariff for use of the berth will be as laid down by the committee.


Persons who have booked the facility, and do not use it on the booked dates; will still be liable for full payment:-


14 clear days notice of cancellation is given.


Another person is willing to take over the booked dates.


Exceptional circumstances exist at the Scrubbing Berth Officers discretion.


Persons booking the berth for two consecutive days, and only using it for one, will still be liable for two days charges.


Any instance of use of the berth without the consent of the Scrubbing Berth Officer or his sub committee will be treated as a breach of Club by-Laws and will be dealt with as such by the General Committee.


No vessel will be permitted to book the berth for more than two consecutive days without the special consent of the Scrubbing Berth Officer.


All scrubbing berth charges due are payable at the time of booking.