Rochester Cruising Club

Marine Fuel By-Laws (15)


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The Fuel Officer shall be the Member elected to this position at the AGM.


A Nominated Deputy (FO) shall be a named member or members approved by the Fuel Officer and the General Committee and recorded in its minutes.


The Fuel Officer or Nominated Deputy (FO) must be present at all times during the discharge of fuel from a tanker into the fuel tank. The receipt of goods printout must tally with the meter reading of the tanker.


All fuel related documents and receipts must be signed and dated by the supply operator.


No deliveries can take place unless the Fuel Officer or an FO is present.


The lending of fuel pontoon keys by an FO to any other Club Member is strictly prohibited. 


Marine Gas Oil is strictly forbidden for sale and / or supply for “road use”. Rochester Cruising Club Ltd will not accept responsibility for any Club Member found to have Marine Gas Oil his/her road fuel tank.


The maximum amount of fuel to be delivered to a vessel at any one time is 2000 litres. A maximum of 75 litres of fuel oil may be dispensed into approved containers at any one time, for the sole use on a member’s vessel and by prior arrangement with the Fuel Officer.


Any Club Member may be asked to provide details of his/her current membership prior to the purchase of Marine Gas Oil.


Payment may be made by cash or cheque (supported by a cheque guarantee card) at the time of delivery to the vessel. There is strictly no credit.


A minimum of 300 litres must be left at all times in the fuel storage tank to avoid malfunction of the system.


An RDCO return must be made to HM Customs and Excise by the 21st of each month.