Rochester Cruising Club

Defaced Blue Ensign By-Laws (16)


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A Permit for the wearing of the Defaced Blue Ensign is issued under a Warrant granted by the Secretary of State to Rochester Cruising Club (The Club) dated 11th May 2005.


An application form is submitted to the Honorary Secretary together with the Ships Registration Certificate. This may be either Part I or Part III. A copy is to be attached to the Permit after validation by the Club.


All persons named on the Ship’s Registration Certificate must be members of The Club at the date of application. Company or Commercial Registrations are not acceptable.


Upon completion of verification by the Honorary Secretary that the applicants and the conditions laid down, together with these rules, the General Committee may ratify the application by a majority vote.


All issued permits will be numbered; a validation stamp and Company Seal will be affixed.


The expiry date of the Permit will be that of the submitted Ships Registration Certificate or upon the sale of the yacht or cessation of membership of any owner, whichever is the earliest.


Members of the Club must have completed two full years membership before being eligible to apply for a permit. Where these differ the most senior date may apply.


A Permit may be revoked by the General Committee of The Club for boating conduct likely to bring The Club into disrepute.


A member seeking to apply for a permit is deemed to accept and observe the conditions as set out on the reverse of the application and the issued Permit.


A Register of the issued Permits is to be kept by the Club and a yearly return made to the Authorising Body ( currently the Royal Yachting Association).


The Permit is to be kept on board the authorised yacht whenever the Defaced Blue Ensign is worn. The Club burgee must also be worn.