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These by-laws are issued in accordance with Article 36 of the Articles of Association. They are binding on all members of the club as are the Memorandum and Articles of Association; copies of which are available to members. One copy shall be displayed on the Notice Board at all times. One copy of the By-Laws shall be issued to each member free. All previous By-Laws are hereby revoked.


Rochester Cruising Club Limited formerly known as the Rochester Cruising Club founded in 1905 (in these By-Laws called the Club) shall sail under the colours of the Rochester Heraldic Red Lion on a yellow background.

3.  a

Subscriptions, Mooring Fees and Entrance Fees shall be determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting of the Club, and shall be displayed on the Notice Board. Annual Subscriptions shall be due, and payable on November 1st or seven days after the AGM which ever the later.


Members who have reached the age of 65 and have been Full Members of the Club for not less than five        years will only be liable to pay 85% of the current membership subscription.


Life Members pay a reduced subscription to be determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting,


Annual Mooring Fees shall be due and payable by 1st October.


All partners (excluding spouses) who are joint owners in boats moored at Rochester Cruising Club shall be required to apply for membership of the Club.


A full membership subscription and mooring fee shall be payable in respect of each boat on the a Club Mooring.


A son or daughter of a full member, on attaining the age of 18 years, and the legal spouse of a Full Member, may apply for full membership without being liable to pay the joining fee, provided that the Full Member has been a fully paid up member for 12 months prior to the application.


A first subscription for a member elected after the 1st May shall be one half of the annual subscription.


Applications for Membership

Any person may apply to become a Member by filling in the application form with his name, address, age, occupation and previous Clubs. He should be proposed and seconded by an existing Member of the Club. His form will be displayed on the Notice Board for at least 14 days after which he will be interviewed by the Membership Committee who will submit their findings to the next available General Committee Meeting. When an applicant is not known to existing members he should submit the names of two referees to whom the Secretary will apply.


The Committee shall have the power from time to time to make a charge to a member for entry to the Clubhouse to specific Social Functions, providing 28 days notice of same shall have been posted on the Notice Board.


Members will contribute £5 to the Social Fund for each guest taken by them to a Club “Free” event.

5.  a

The Club or its Officers shall not be held responsible for any accident or damage to property moored on or to the Club Premises or to any Member or visitor using the Club premises, or liability for negligence or default in maintenance of equipment or errors of judgement in leadership.


Any member who is held responsible for the loss of or damage to Club property shall be liable to the Club for the cost of such loss or damage.


No person shall be allowed to live permanently on any boat on or moored to any Club property.


Dress Etiquette

Members will have to abide by the dress code as set out for appropriate functions.


Children shall not be allowed in the Bar Area.


Dogs will not be allowed in the Bar and Social Area, and must be kept under control at all times elsewhere.


Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the Club Bar may be distributed or consumed in the Clubhouse.


Members must not use the Clubhouse for storage of property.


The Back Door shall be kept locked at all times.